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Ya tenemos disponible la nueva versión de GIMP, el programa de retoque fotográfico libre y multiplataforma.
Corrige los siguientes problemas de la versión anterior:
– fixed minor problem in JPEG plug-in (bug #309091)
– allow to disable build of gtkhtml2, svg, and lcms features (bug #307704)
– fixed bug in Imagemap plug-in (bug #169698)
– handle PSD files with untitled channels (bug #312963)
– fixed build of MMX/SSE assembly code on gcc 4.0 (bug #308412)
– fixed crash in image preview code (bug #312144)
– fixed redraw of previews in Rotate Colormap plug-in (bug #172284)
– fixed redraw of previews in Filterpack plug-in (bug #160032)
– cross-compilation fixes and build fixes for Cygwin (bug #314893)
– fixed character placement in Text Circle script (bug #144588)
– made GIMP more robust against strange characters in directory names
– fixed minor issue in Dicom plug-in (bug #313008)
– deal with API change in librsvg >= 2.11.0 (bug #314400)
– fixed bug in ellipse selection (bug #315417)
– fixed build issue on Cygwin (bug #314893)
– fixed problem in ellipse selection (bug #315417)
– ease closing of iscissors outline (bug #134250)
– fixed handling of Tab key if NumLock is active (bug #317118)
– fixed problem with random number generator in QBist plug-in (bug #317355)
– raise palettes grid instead of creating a new one (bug #317435)
– fixed problem with environment maps in Lighting plug-in (bug #313872)
– fixed Gaussian Blur for small radii (bug #315953)
– fixed Select By Color tool on grayscale layers (bug #319683)

Via Gimp.es y Genbeta