EuroOSCON 2006

Open source is one facet of a larger revolution in commercial and social life which can all be traced back to the inherently open nature of the Internet. At this year’s EuroOSCON, we’re taking OSCON’s winning formula of practical sessions from innovators, and applying it beyond pure source code.

EuroOSCON is where business people, coders, decision makers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, and policy makers using, creating, and managing free (libre) and open projects gather to learn about best practices, strategic issues, and coming changes. The 2006 O’Reilly European Open Source Convention takes place in Brussels, Belgium on 18-21 September.

Featured Speakers Include:
*Jeff Waugh
*Rasmus Lerdorf
*Damian Conway
*Matt Asay
*Florian Mueller
*Greg Stein
*Tim O’Reilly
*Peter Saint-Andre
*Charles Lamb
*Tor Nørretranders
*Jeffrey Nolan
*Mårten Mickos

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