Twitter+FaceBook+YouTube+WordPress= ?

Algo se cuece en Twitter.

He recibido un correo esta mañana que decía esto:

Hi Gabriel,
It’s Bill McIntosh, the founder of TweetManager checking in with you again.
You signed up to participate in’s closed private beta test. Right now TweetManager is still closed, but I have another very cool Twitter tool I’ve just added a TON of new features to it (it even syncs up with YouTube video promotions now).  You’ll be able to download it and possibly win one of over $10,000 in prizes (Including a complete website design, creation & marketing package)
Tonight on my live web show I’m unveiling this Twitter tool to the public.  It helps you run viral Twitter contests right on your own website. My initial testing shows that this tool can drive a TON of new traffic to your website! So you’ll really want to tune in & find out how you can try it out…
The live show is tonight (Tuesday September 15th) at 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time / 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.
When it’s showtime: If you are a member of my Business Inner Circle, just go to:
(If you’re not a member yet, just click the link & sign up… it only takes a minute)
Or you can view it on my public site with no sign up:
A quick favor to ask:
If you are a fan of my live show and are on social networking sites like Twitter, Myspace or Facebook, please send an announcement out telling people about the show.  I’d love to see a TON of viewers on tonight’s show. Thanks!
Tell them to go here:
I look forward to seeing you there!
All the best,
Bill McIntosh
Follow me on Twitter:
Y ahora leo en el Glocal de Pamplona que se pondrá en marcha un proyecto de cuentas de Twitter individuales, que no se que significa

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