La madre de todas las listas de aplicaciones Twitter

La madre de todas las listas de aplicaciones, utilidades y demás cosas Twitter:

Vista en curledesign

~140 Characters

  • 140it – Makes Your Tweet Less Than 140 Characters
  • Tweetcontd – More than 140 characters
  • Twonvert – Convert your tweets to 140 characters or less
  • Twitlonger – When 140 characters just isn’t enough
  • Tweetshrink – Helping shave those few extra letters off a tweet that has exceeded the 140 character maximum
  • TwitBlogs – Allows you to add more words and also upload pictures and videos
  • Twerbose – Post longer tweets on Twitter
  • Tweet140 – The closer to a 140 character average, the better your score
  • RTweeter – TweetLonger than 140 characters, shorten URLs, share your location



  • Twitter Grader – Twitter Grader is a great analytics tool for Twitter, giving you statistics on your own account, and your followers.
  • Tweetbuzzer – Tweetbuzzer is a great Twitter analytics tool for companies to monitor their brand, or that of their competition.
  • Retweet Rank – Retweet Rank gives you rank, based on your ability to get your tweets retweeted.
  • TweetPsych – TweetPsych does a psychological analysis of you based on your Twitter account.
  • – gives you just about every statistic you can imagine for Twitter users.
  • Publicitweet – Publicitweet is a great free Twitter tool for campaigns and analytics.
  • TwitterFriends – TwitterFriends is a great Twitter analytics tool that tells you just about everything there is to know about your Twitter friends.
  • TweetReach – TweetReach is a great Twitter analytics tool that tells you how much reach your tweets have.




Backgrounds and Buttons


Best Practice

Blogs and Websites


Browser Plugins

  • TwitterFox – TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends’ status on Twitter
  • TwitterBar – Post to Twitter from your address bar
  • Power Twitter – Makes Twitter better
  • TwitterLine – Twitter headline extension for Firefox
  • Twitter Search – Twitter search
  • Tweetfox – helps you to post excerpts from the websites you visit with a click of the button and attach a short URL to the source page.
  • StockTwits – Links stocktwits tagged ticker on Twitter back to StockTwits
  • Twitzer – Lets you post text longer than 140 characters on Twitter
  • TwitterJobSearch – The world’s first job search engine to harness the power of Twitter
  • TweetIE – Twitter IE plugin
  • AddATweet – AddATweet’s mission is to make every page on the Internet commentable.
  • Instant Tweets – Instantly send pages, pictures and tweets to Twitter from any where on the web
  • Tweecious – Listening to your twitter feed and submitting all the links to your delicious account
  • TwitKit – TwitKit is a Twitter sidebar
  • TwittIE – Make your Internet Explorer tweet
  • Twitbin – Allows you to keep up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar
  • DashBlog – Lets you collect videos, images, text, songs and screenshots from any web page and publish them to your blog or twitter
  • Social Whale Extension – Create short URLs for use on Twitter
  • shortText – Twitzer is a Firefox extension which lets you post text longer than 140 characters
  • TwitThat – Post current page to Twitter via
  • – Lets you share music links on Twitter
  • TwittyTunes – Allows to post your currently playing songs to Twitter
  • Tweetstalk – The simple way to stalk Twitter users without having to follow them
  • Yoono – Yoono simplifies your social life by centralising all your social networks and instant messaging in one easy to use browser sidebar
  • Twippera – Twitter widget for Opera


Causes and Charity

  • Adcause – Saving the world one tweet at a time
  • EarthTweet – What are you doing to help the planet
  • TipJoy – Simple social payments for great people, causes & content
  • Twibbon – is the easiest way to promote awareness of your cause on twitter
  • TwitCause – Support causes you care about
  • Twonate – Giving is good
  • TweetsForACause – One tweet one voice




Dating and Love

  • Flirt140 – Flirt140 is a site that helps Twitter-ers find each other for dates and more
  • MyTweetHeart – Twitter singles looking for friendship, romance, and love
  • Radaroo – The simple and free Twitter dating system
  • Twitcrush – Which three tweeple do you <3 the most
  • Textgasm – Twitter secrets
  • PornstarTweet – Stay up to date with your favourite pornstars
  • TwitYa – Twilationships

Desktop & Web Clients

  • Tweetdeck – TweetDeck connects you with your contacts across Twitter, Facebook and more
  • Seesmic Desktop – Desktop client connecting you to Twitter and Facebook
  • Destroy Twitter – DestroyTwitter is a compact though robust Twitter application built to run on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Twhirl – Twhirl is a social software desktop client
  • Chirpr – Windows sidebar gadget for Twitter
  • Accessible Twitter – Web accessibility for the Twitter web application
  • Pwytter – Multi-platform Twitter client written in Python
  • Mixero – The new generation Twitter client for people who value their time and are tired of information noise
  • Snitter – A Twitter client for Mac and Windows
  • TweetMyPC – TweetMyPC lets you shutdown/restart/LogOff your windows PC remotely
  • Posty Posty simplifies your microblogging
  • Sideline – Watch, search and monitor the Twitter public timeline in real-time
  • Twitexplorer – The most efficient Twitter client on the Web
  • T-messengerA simple to use, powerful, intelligent Twitter client for every-day users
  • Nambu – Social messaging streamlined
  • Tweetie for Mac – Twitter client for Mac
  • Teletwitter – Twitter client for Windows
  • Digsby – Digsby is a social networking tool that alerts you of events like new messages
  • Twitteroo – Send Twitter tweets fromyour PC
  • Twinja – A desktop client Twitter built on AIR
  • Tweeter – A java desktop client for Twitter
  • Feedalizer – Twitter, Facebook adobe air app
  • Gwibber – Gwibber is an open source microblogging client for GNOME
  • TwInbox – Use Twitter directly from Outlook
  • MadTwitter – Twitter for Windows
  • Spaz – An open-source Twitter client for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
  • Twitteron – A robust, easy to use, free twitter client for all operating systems
  • Tweetr – Twitter client for Mac / PC
  • Twittm – Twitter for desktop
  • Jata – Just another Twitter app
  • Spreadtweet – IT’s Twitter disguised as a spreadsheet
  • Blu – The Vista Twitter client
  • bDule – Twitter client for Windows
  • Statuzer – Twitter client running through Air
  • Buzzom – Twitter Account Management Tool



Drawing and Painting



  • Tweetbeep – Twitter alerts by email
  • Topify – replaces the email notification you receive from a new Twitter follower, with a visually enhanced email
  • TwitterMail – Post to Twitter by sending an email to a specific TwitterMail address
  • Twilert – Twitter search alerts via email
  • Tweetshots – Enables you to take tweets to tumblr, embed in blogs or send to email
  • NutshellMail – Send tweets, DM, reply, retweet and follow all through email
  • Sigpad – Email signatures for Twitter
  • Twimailer – Twimailer is a free service that delivers that information right to your inbox
  • Follows – Get changes to your followers list emailed to you
  • Twitter2Mail – @replies to your inbox
  • Replies – Get tweets containing @your_username in your inbox without revealing your Twitter password
  • Twply – Have your @replies forwarded to an inbox
  • Ravishare – The Easy Way to Share Your Files via Twitter
  • Twtmailer – Get @replies straight to your inbox



  • Favrd – FAVRD lists interesting things that show up on Twitter, based on the number of times an item has been declared a favorite
  • FavTweets – Get you friends or your fav tweets
  • DivVoted – Divvoted lets you vote for your favourite sites with Twitter
  • Favstar – Recent tweets with 100 favs or more
  • Twitfav – Twitfave looks at twitter users favourites to tell you about the most interesting tweets and who favourited your tweets
  • Feedly – Feedly weaves your favorite content into a fun, magazine-like start page
  • Favotter – A collection of popular tweets from your favorites on Twitter
  • FavTwits – Find your Favorite Tweeters

File Sharing

  • Tweetcube – Allows you to share files on Twitter
  • Acamin – Share files with your Twitter friends
  • Filetwt – File sharing on Twitter
  • FileSocial – FileSocial allows you to share any file through your Twitter account
  • TwitDoc – The easy way to share your documents on Twitter


  • Twalala -You can filter tweets out of your stream by keywords and phrases or mute individuals who get a bit too chatty
  • SiteVolume – See how many times a word appears on a site
  • TweetVolume – See how many times a word appears on Twitter
  • ConvoMonitor – Where to track things on Twitter
  • justSignal – Social media without the noise
  • Twhanel – Create your own Twitter channel
  • Monitter – lets you “monitter” the twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people are saying
  • ListOfTweets – Create a list of tweets
  • Twitterel – Find Twitter users with related interests
  • Followize – Cut through the noise, follow the conversation
  • Tweetree – Tweetree puts your Twitter stream in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context
  • Twups – Twups is a twitter aggregator, pulling the most popular twitter topics into one place
  • Qapture – Captures and ranks the links being shared right now by some of the most interesting folks on Twitter
  • Filttr – Tool for filtering
  • TwitZap – lets you subscribe to realtime Twitter channels based on your interests
  • TwitterHawk – Targeted marketing on Twitter
  • Twitterwall – Build your own Twitter wall
  • Tweetchat – TweetChat helps put your blinders on to the Twitter-sphere while you monitor and chat about one topic
  • TrackingTwitter – Twitter Tracker is a real-time listing of the top media, entertainment, and consumer product feeds
  • TweetChannel – TweetChannel makes it possible to create channels by Twitter
  • TwitterDigest – Pick the usernames you’d like to generate a digest for, and you will see all updates made by them
  • Tweader – Read Twitter conversations
  • TweetIQ – TwitIQ is an enhanced Twitter interface that provides insight into your Twitter stream and Twitter followers
  • TwitterFriends – find out the hidden network of Twitter contacts that are really relevant for you
  • Twitterpipe – The Twitter information pipeline
  • RealTimeChatterbox – Twitter Search: Filtered, Moderated, Managed
  • Tweetrak – Track tweets


Follow and Unfollow

  • Flashtweet – Bulk follow/unfollow tool for Twitter
  • Twittangle – Untangling the mess of too many friends
  • Refollow – Refollow helps you discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle
  • TwitsLikeMe – Find new friends on Twitter
  • Doesfollow – Find out who follows whom on Twitter
  • Twitroduce – Connect on Twitter
  • MyCleenr – The best way to clean your Twitter contact list
  • TweeterGetter – Get new Twitter followers
  • TwitterLamp – The SMART Way To Follow People On Twitter
  • TweetSum – Follow and unfollow people via drag and drop
  • TwitterForBusyPeople – Friends at a glance
  • Twitter Karma – Find out who is following and unfollowing you
  • TweepMe – Get Twitter followers
  • Twitterless – Get updates when someone stops following you on Twitter
  • Twiping – Twitter contact management software
  • Qwitter – Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter
  • TwitterRatio – Twitter follower/friend ratio
  • FriendOrFollow – Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back?
  • Twitseeker – Who you are looking for by what they are talking about
  • TweepDiff – Find out who you are missing on Twitter
  • Twollo – Twitter auto-follow
  • Twittermass – Twitter management and optimiztion services
  • Twitnest – Visualisation of your followers and theirs
  • Twitter100 – With Twitter100, you can see your followers at a glance (up to 100)
  • Tweepler – To follow or not follow that is the question
  • Who follows whom – The quickest way to see who several Twitter users have in common
  • Buzzom – Social profile management
  • Hummingbird – The Pro Tool for Twitter Marketing at $200
  • Twubble – Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble
  • WhoshouldIfollow – Find new Twitter friends
  • Tweepi – A geekier, faster way to manage Twitter
  • TwitterSnooze – Hit the snooze button on your “verbose” Twitter friends
  • iFollowBack – Follow back people
  • Twitterator – Follow a bunch of people in one go
  • Twtrfrnd – Discover your common shared friends
  • Mutuality – Alows you to make bulk operations with your account
  • TweetPenguin – find new Twitter followers with similar interests
  • Less Friends – Do the people you follow on Twitter, follow you?
  • TweetEffect – When did you lose or gain Twitter followers?
  • WhoTheTweet – Fins out what someone is tweeting about
  • Twollow – Auto follow people on Twitter
  • Tweepular – Manage your followers
  • TwerpScan – Checks the number of followers on your contact list, the number of people they are following, and the ratio between those
  • MyTweeple – Manage your Twitter Friends and Followers
  • MyTwitterButler – Automatically follows Twitter users based on “keywords”
  • Twitoria – How many friends are you are following?
  • ExecTweets – Find and follow top business execs on Twitter
  • TwitHive – Monitor and Interact with the Twitter Hive Mind
  • – Before you follow..
  • FollowLists – Create and share lists of your Twitter friends
  • FriendMePlease – The easiest way to make new friends on Twitter
  • UnTweeps – Unfollow tweeps who have not posted tweets recently
  • Sherflock – Find and track your flock
  • The Twit Cleaner – analyses those you follow, groups them into categories to help you clean out the garbage.


Food and Drink



Follow Friday



General Tips

Gifts and Presents

  • Twtwlst – A simple gift registry Twitter app
  • Twesents – Send virtual gifts to your friends
  • Tweetgift – Tweetgift is a simple way to show a little appreciation to a friend
  • Tweetmas – What would you like for Christmas


  • Tweetizen – Filter tweets and create groups
  • Twitly – You can seperate the poeple you follow on Twitter into groups
  • ConnectTweet – ConnectTweet allows the contributors to your central Twitter stream
  • GroupTweet – Group message broadcasting for Twitter
  • TwitBot – Allows multiple people to publish to a single Twitter account
  • Twinester – Twinester lets you create or join groups and communities for Twitter.
  • Crowdstatus – Create your own crowds
  • TweetKnot – Tying people togetherTying people together
  • Social – Twitter for events and groups
  • Twitter Groups – Twitter Groups
  • Twibes – Twitter Groups
  • ThinkClimbing – Find and connect with Climbers on Twitter
  • Tweetworks – With groups and discussions, TweetWorks helps you get the most out of Twitter
  • Tweetparty – Group messaging for Twitter




Learning & Teaching


Maps and Location


Mobile Phone

  • 20 ways to use Twitter from your mobile phone – SimpleHelp
  • Twitterrific – Twitter client for Mac desktop and iPhone
  • Tweetie – Twitter client for iPhone
  • Twitterfon – Simple, Clean, and Fast Twitter Client for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Twitroid – The premium Android Twitter client
  • TwitterDroid – TwitterDroid is a clone of Twitterific designed for Android
  • LaTwit – iPhone Twitter client
  • Wildsets – Twitter client for mobile phones
  • TwitToday – Today Screen widget for Windows Mobile
  • Twitxr – Share pictures and status updates from your mobile
  • TinyTwitter – Mobile Twitter app
  • MobyPicture – Post to your blog and Twitter through your mobile phone
  • Twim – Mobile Twitter Client
  • TreoTwit– Twitter client for Treo
  • LogPost – Twitter for mobile phones
  • BlackBird – A Twitter client for BlackBerry smartphones
  • Gravity – The S60 Twitter client
  • Twikini – Twitter on the go from your Windows phone
  • TwitterBerry – TwitterBerry is mobile client for BlackBerry
  • UberTwitter – Twitter client for BlackBerry
  • Pocketwit – A Twitter client for the Windows Professional platform
  • Quakk – Quakk is an Open Source Windows Mobile Twitter Application
  • PocketTweets – Twitter for your iPhone
  • jibjib – An Open Source J2ME Twitter Client
  • Snaptu – Twitter mobile app
  • Twitter2Go – Mobile phone app
  • TwitStat – Mobile Twitter app
  • Hahlo – Fully featured Twitter client for your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • GPS Twit – iPhone Twitter app
  • Twitli – Twitter client for Android phones
  • Qik – Share live video from your mobile
  • MotionObj – Twitter client for your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • ceTwit – ceTwit is a windows mobile twitter client written in c# leveraging the .net compact framework
  • Twapper – Twitter mobile for WAP
  • Twobile – Twitter client for users of Windows Mobile Pocket PCs
  • JustUpdate – Just an update field, just for Twitter, just for your iPhone/iPod Touch
  • SimplyTweet – Twitter client for iPhone or iPod Touch
  • jTwitter – Java Twitter app
  • uTweetMe – Twitter client for mobiles supporting Java
  • ReTweet – Twitter tool for iPhone and iPod touch
  • miTreo – Twitter app for Palm OS
  • iTwtr – An open source Twitter client for iPhones
  • Tweetstack – Organise your Twitter stream
  • Twittai – Java mobile client for Twitter
  • uTweetMe – uTweetMe is a free J2ME cell phone client application which allows posting updates to Twitter
  • Twitter for iPhone – Twitter for iPhone app

Multiple Accounts

  • Matt (Mattinator) – Multiple account Twitter tweeter
  • Tweet3 – Manage one or more Twitter accounts
  • Hootsuite – You can manage multiple Twitter profiles, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success
  • Splitweet – Twitter multi account manager and brand monitor
  • TwitterFace – Twitterface is a web-based, personally-branded, multi-account Twitter interface
  • EasyTweets – Web based Twitter multi account management
  • Twibble – Manage up to 3 different Twitter accounts
  • Twittbot – Allows multiple people to publish to a single Twitter account, and for a single person to post to multiple Twitter accounts


  • – Lets you share music links on Twitter
  • Imeem – What is on your playlist?
  • – Create your own music station
  • – lets you share music on Twitter
  • Songtwit – Share music on Twitter
  • Tinysong – Tinysong allows you to quickly share music links with your friends
  • Twiturm – Share your music on Twitter
  • Musebin – Music on Twitter
  • crawls Twitter for tweets about music then you listen to them

Music and Musicians

Newbies & Beginners


  • Tweetmeme – Hottest stories on Twitter
  • Twistori – Find out what twitter loves, hates, thinks, believes, feels, wishes
  • StumbleTweets – Stumble what’s happening right now
  • TwitterPark – The world of Twitter news
  • Twitscoop – Search and follow what’s buzzing on twitter in real-time
  • Lovetweet – A real-time feed with tweets of love
  • Flackr – Breaking news
  • Tlurk – Turn twitter accounts into public news sources
  • TweetOnTheStreet – Twitter based rumour mill
  • Tweetmi – Real-time Twitter Topics
  • Twitterfall – Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime

Other People’s Tips

Other Tips


Photos and Video

  • TwitPic – TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter
  • FlickToTwitt – Post a photo to flickr and announce it right away on Twitter
  • Twitsig – Your tweets as images
  • Twiddeo – Twitter with video
  • Flittr – Picture your words
  • – Anything and everything
  • TwitnGo – Quick photo posts to Twitter
  • TwitImg – Keep everyone up to date by using your latest Twitter status, displayed in the form of an appealing image
  • Twixxer – Share and view photos and videos on Twitter
  • Twitgoo – Share your pictures on Twitter
  • SnapTweet – Send your Flickr photos to Twitter
  • MessageDance – Add photo, video and music to your regular tweet
  • Visual Twitter – Twitter pix
  • Portwiture – Your Twitter status in photos
  • 2Tweet – Tweet multiple photos and videos
  • Zannel – Instantly share your pics, videos and text to Twitter
  • ScreenTweet – ScreenTweet shares videos, pictures, screen shots, and images on Twitter
  • Greetter – Share photos and videos on Twitter
  • – Photo sharing service for Twitter
  • TweeTube – Sharing stuff on Twitter
  • Tweetphoto – Photo sharing made simple
  • TweetMojo – Share your videos, webcam, photos, docs and more on Twitter
  • Lolwrus – Twitter + flickr = LOL
  • Twittergram – Send your Flickr pix to Twitter and show people what you’re up to
  • AutoPostr – The flickr to twittr automata
  • Twitpickr – an easy way to upload your TwitPic images to Flickr
  • Yfrog – Share your images and videos on Twitter
  • How To Post Photos To Twitter – Twitter Tips Central


Popularity and Rank




  • TweetPsych – Build a psychological profile of a person based on the content of their tweets
  • HappyTweets – Happytweets is a measuring stick for how positive, or happy, a particular Tweep is


  • Tweetlaw – Connect and tweet with legal professionals
  • Tweetlister – Twitter tool for posting all types of property listings
  • Tweetminister – TweetMinster the place where real life and politics tweet
  • TweetCongress – A grassroots effort to get Congress tweeting





  • Twitterfeed – Feed your blog’s RSS feed to Twitter
  • PingVine – Pingvine takes RSS feeds from your blog and posts them to Twitter
  • RSS2Twitter – Share any RSS feed on Twitter, and have new RSS items automatically be tweeted
  • RSStoTwitter – RSS feeds to Twitter
  • FeedTweeter – Feed your RSS items to Twitter with some spice
  • TweetWire – List your feed now
  • FlockOTweets – Groups your followers into RSS chunks
  • RSSFriends – Track changes in friends list or follower and unfollower on Twitter with an RSS Feed

Schedule Tweets

  • Tweetlater – Schedule tweets
  • TwitResponse – Setup unlimited messages to be delivered to your twitter page when you want
  • FutureTweets – Schedule your tweets
  • AutoTweeter – Java based Twitter app that enables you to schedule your tweets
  • Twuffer – Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release
  • Twitomate – Queue tweets to publish
  • Twaitter – Twitter scheduler



Setting Up

Social Media (Other)

  • TwitterBook – Lets you use your Facebook status to update your Twitter account
  • Selective Twitter Status – Update your Facebook Status from Twitter
  • Twitter2GTalk -Twitter2gTalk takes your tweets and sets them as your gTalk status/away message
  • Zellr – is a social networking site / aggregator for social network sites which lets you to assign a profile to your twitter account
  • TweetSync – Allows you to sync your Twitter tweets with your Facebook status
  • FB140 – Find all of your facebook friends who are using Twitter
  • AlertThingy – Your social desktop
  • SocialToo – Your companion to the social web
  • PeopleBrowser – Twitter client
  • – Check and update your twitter account from your favorite IM service
  • Feedalizer – Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed, Flickr app on Adobe Air
  • Twitku – A free social network mashup
  • @Tweeter – Tweeter is a Twitter Interface that allows you to post new tweets through Facebook
  • Tweetburner – Track links you share on Twitter and FriendFeed
  • – A smarter way to update Facebook from Twitter
  • Tinker – Follow live conversations from Twitter and Facebook
  • Twitter updater – copy your status from Facebook to Twitter automatically



  • OverheardIt – Eavesdropping on Twitter
  • Spy – Spy can listen in on the social media conversations
  • TwitterSpy – Spy on the Twitter public timeline in realtime
  • SpyTwitter – Spy on your Twitter friends

Statistics and Graphs




  • TwitterFone – Send messages to Twitter using voice
  • TweetYak – Speak. Record. Tweet.
  • Twitwoop – Use your phone to send voice messages to Twitter
  • Trottr – Hear I am
  • Phweet – Talk now to your Twitter friends
  • CallTweet – Send Twitter updates using your voice
  • GuaGee – Voice messages for Twitter
  • VoiceBoo – VoiceBoo Verified is a new and social way to verify users by using their voice
  • Twitsay – Give your
    Twitter account a voice


  • TweetConvo – Thread Twitter conversations
  • Twickie -The Easiest Way to Archive a Twitter Response Thread
  • Twonvo – Thread Twitter conversations

To Do





Using Twitter

Websites, Blogs and Widgets

  • Twittercal – Connects your Twitter account with your Google Calendar
  • TweetRoll – Show how many followers you have
  • Big Tweet – BigTweet sends tweets from any web page
  • TweetRemote – TweetRemote merges Twitter and blogging in a unique way that lets you decide when and how your tweets are included on your blog
  • Twidget – Twidget is a free Dashboard Widget for OS X that allows you to update your Twitter status
  • Twoxit – Tweet on any site anytime
  • Tweetsnap – Twitter badges, images and banners for websites
  • Twittinesis – Publish your tweets on your blog
  • Tweetvisor – Browser client
  • TwitrGrid – Turn your Twitter tweeps into a cool mosaic grid for your blog or profile
  • TwitterSplit – Put your own URL in front of an external URL when you tweet
  • SayTweet – Your Twitter bage, your picture
  • SquakThis – Quick Tweets From Any Page
  • SumtnSumtn – Bring Twitter to your website
  • TwitWall – Instant blogging companion
  • ClickToTweet – The easy way to add a pre-made ‘Tweet About This Site’ – link to your website
  • Twitabit – A simple way to communicate that stays up when Twitter is down
  • Twiddict – Ensures tweets end up where they should be during Twitter downtime
  • Fleck – Annote the web
  • AddTweets – add your latest tweets to a blog or website
  • TwitThis – Allows people to tweet information from your site
  • Tweet All About It – Tweet quotes and bits from webpages
  • TBuzz – Tweet and track the buzz on any webpage with Twitter
  • Twitterati – Twitter badge
  • TweetRooster – Enables users to tweet directly from your website or blog
  • Twitturly – Tracks and ranks what URLs people are talking about on Twitter
  • TweetThisText – I wish I could highlight some text on a page, click a button, and tweet that text as a quote
  • LoudTwitter – Shipping tweets to your blog daily
  • TweetPkr – Take a peek at your friends Twitter updates from anywhere
  • Twitter Widgets – Widgets from the official Twitter site
  • TwitterSalt – Update any website quickly & easily with Twitter
  • Twiggit – Twitter meets Digg
  • TwitThat – Post current page to Twitter
  • Twitter Tools – Allows you to pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress
  • TwitterKeys – Enhance your Twitter conversations
  • iTweet – Interface for Twitter
  • Twitterlights – Hightlight internet snippets and Twitter them
  • Zhuyo – Twitter Followers Box is a small widget you can add to your web page




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